(Halo not usually included)

SettleMentality is all about lifestyle & helping us

all live just a little bit better – from moving

house to keeping our homes clean, from designing

a garden to daytripping, my aim is to inform

& inspire others as I journey

through my own life




‘Whether we are 20 or 80, life can be meaningful, purposeful, and beautiful as long as we have the right guidance and the right solutions to make it so. It’s never too early to start and never too late to begin’ (Martha Stewart, Living the Good Long Life, p.145)


My name’s Kevin, I live in the UK and my aim is to inform and inspire as I journey through my own life, learning new things and improving the old. I want to reach out to others who have the settlementality. But what is settlementality?


Settling down, buying a home

Cooking & baking

Gardening & grow-your-own

Hosting & partying

Cleaning & tidying

Decorating & DIY

Finances & budgeting

Working life



These are all aspects of my life that I love and want to share with the world. Aspects of life that enrich our time on this beautiful planet. Why struggle through things yourself when others can lend you a helping hand or a helpful insight?


I won’t say I’m in any way an expert – far from it – but I want to gather as much wisdom in one place as I wish to give out, and that is where this blog becomes even better.




My life has given me so many twists and turns, ups and downs and ins and outs, all of which have given it greater meaning. I have been a student and a teacher, worked in retail and administration, and lived abroad as well as at home. Your path may be very different to mine, but if you can take just one helpful piece of advice from this blog, I will feel very happy: mission accomplished.

I have blogged before,  but this time I want to make things really cohesive and purposeful.


A few tidbits about me


  • I love languages, speaking French & Italian; I actually enjoy creating my own languages in 10392448_352009788280609_5760363996618083887_nmy spare time
  • I love animals – I grew up around four dogs (not all at once), koi carp and four goldfish (yes, all at once), and dogs are still a big part of my family
  • Speaking of family… Mine is pretty amazing & includes mum & dad, older sister & brother, 6 nieces & nephews, uncle & auntie, 1 cousin (Christmas can be pricey!)
  • I like to read – when I was younger this included fiction, but now I tend to read mostly non-fiction and autobiographical writing
  • Comparative religion, theology & mythologies have interested me since my early teens
  • I listen to a broad range of music, from charts to classical, New Age to R&B, and I love to dance at parties


(The business-like bit)

I’ve quite a varied background when it comes to skills and experience – I like to think it makes me a well-rounded individual!

2014-present: Administrator in the healthcare sector

2011-2013: Classroom teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, private tutor

2010-2011: Training to be a teacher at the University of Sheffield

2010: Administrator in the charitable sector

2005-2009: BA Hons. in French Studies and Italian Studies at the University of Lancaster

2009: ITQ2 in Microsoft Office

2003-2005: A-levels in History, Geography and Biology

In addition, I have a GCSE in Spanish, have done courses in managing funds, floristry and interior design, and have overseen quality improvement in a Sheffield-based charity.

In the marches