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What I’ve learned from Brexit

Well. What a time we’ve had here in Blighty.

It’s been almost a month since we had the EU referendum, when the nation unquestionably voted LEAVE.

united kingdom exit from europe relative image

I say unquestionably, but the fact of the matter is that even now, weeks on, Remain voters are very vocally arguing their cause. A cause which must be let go of, if democracy is not to be utterly undermined by those supposedly supporting it.

The nature of the beast is that when votes are cast, at least one group will not win.

In my eyes, no side has won this time, however. And I’m going to tell you why I think that.

Arrogance, greed and fear of change now reign supreme in the UK.

I was most upset on the morning of Friday 24 June 2016 to see the way a lot of Britons were responding. The way they have continued to respond.

There is a mardiness, a toddler-ish tantrum characteristic running right through the middle of many in our country. It’s a sense of if-I-don’t-have-it-my-way-I’ll-scream-and-scream-until-it-goes-my-way. The days after the referendum were, to be honest, a shameful bout of maliciousness and moodiness unbecoming of adults. Self-proclaimed intelligent adults at that.

On top of this, the referendum result highlighted a dearth among us. No longer do we seem to courageously face a situation head on and deal with it. No longer do we strive to make the most of what we’ve been handed. Only last Saturday did I listen to a podcast where someone reiterated that we rarely control what happens in life – it’s how we react to the happenings that’s important.

We might not be happy with the outcome. But Brexit happened. It’s done. None of us knows what the future holds, any more or less now in fact than before this decision was made. If tougher times come, are the British people capable of buckling down, sticking together and tightening belts? That’s my worry. Already Scotland and London have had their paddies and called out a desire for selfish independence from a united country they both normally seem to want to exploit, one way or another.

I’ve also witnessed intense hatred, and not from a source you might expect. Yes, there has been racial hate crime since the referendum. But I’ve also seen hatred of our fellow countrymen. There was a foul, unexpected tirade online and in person of Remain voters calling Leave voters “stupid”, “ignorant”, “racist” and “selfish”. Tarring all with the same brush. Are these arrogant individuals really any better than those they claim to protest against?

Lastly, but not so surprising in nature, is the fact that we remain, intrinsically, a reactionary nation nowadays. Not just in the government, but right down to grass-roots level, in our homes. This has been coming for over a year, whoever stood victorious. Why weren’t all options considered and measures put in place before then?

This reactionary and knee-jerk methodology seems to me to be the main reason the rest of the world was thrown into uncertainty from that fateful Friday morning. Let’s hope this methodology stops soon so we can be a shining light, not a dismal failure – through our own personal failings.


In the words of our new PM Theresa May: ‘Brexit means Brexit’. So now let’s get on with things. Worse things have happened at sea.

Divine Creation, Human Completion

‘Le miracle est dans nous… Le miracle est partout mon amour’ – Céline Dion, Le Miracle

Our Earth is incomplete.

IMG_2094 (2)

We find myths and beliefs in an original creation from all around the world. These tell us that the world was created by the Divine and that it was good.

Some philosophies and religions then tell us that the world was corrupted.

Whether this was the case, or whether the Creator did not fully complete our world, I feel one thing is clear.

What the Divine created, we must complete.

I don’t mean humanity is meant to physically start shifting continents and oceans (as if that were possible!).

What I do mean is that in our own individual ways we have a part to play in bettering the Earth.

Some of us were born artists and crafters, who can take simpler matter and turn it into more beautiful objects.

Some of us were born leaders, teachers and guides, able to help others through dark times to lighter lives, capable of unleashing their own potential in turn.

Some of us were born researchers, scientists and doctors, incarnated to improve health and wellbeing.

Some of us were born gardeners and farmers, providing spaces of peace and beauty or tending sources of food for others.

IMG_2097 (2)

This list of human potentials goes on and on…

The main point is that we look inside ourselves and work out what we can give back to a world which is always providing us with so much.

How will we leave this incomplete Earth when we move on? Will we do our bit and embellish it? Or are we simply going to exploit and eradicate?